What is Konkan?
Straddling the Arabian Sea and the foothills of the Western Ghats, the Konkan regions stretch along the west coast of peninsular India. From the majestic lands of Maharashtra in the North, through beautiful sunny Goa, to the bustling cities like Mangalore in the South, the rich, fertile lands of the Konkan belt are populated with fun-loving, hospitable, friendly people. A unique combination of natural resources, relative isolation, temperate climates and traditions of yore that have all contributed to define a culture (and cuisine) unlike any other!

Tell me more about the cuisine.
Konkan Delite was established in 1999, to bring the unique cuisines and delicacies of the Konkan belt to Canada. To the best of our knowledge, we are one of the first (and only) establishments in North America to offer the unique selection of Konkan foods that we do. All our dishes are made from authentic ingredients, some specially imported from the very lands where they were first made by our ancestors. We believe in making our dishes in a true, home-style fashion. We do not use any pre-mixed sauces, artificial flavourings, additives or colours. The vivid colours and aromatic smells of our food come from the freshest ingredients and spices available.

What about these spices?
Every Konkan dish we offer has a unique recipe of its own. These recipes have been refined over generations, with very specific herbs and spices, used in very specific quantities, and blended and cooked in very specific ways. The secret to the wonderful colour, texture, aroma and taste of each dish lies in these herbs and spices.

What can Konkan Delite do for me?
We want to help you celebrate your special occasions by doing what we do best - catering a cuisine of the highest quality and finest taste possible. If you are native to India, and miss the green hills, white sands and rolling surf of the Konkan belt, allow us to bring the tastes of home to you and your loved ones! If your roots, or those of your guests, happen to span the continents, we would love the opportunity to share the fine cuisine of our rich heritage with you! We also offer select international cuisine - but only the recipes that meet the high standards of quality that we hold ourselves to.

When you cater with Konkan Delite, we promise a culinary experience like no other!